Plitvice lakes in detail – the magic of nature

Plitvice lakes tour – one of the best things to do in Split

Dear readers of Plitvice lakes from Split, we are continuing our path of explaining all the details about the lakes in this beautiful area, Plitvice Lakes. You have probably scrolled down the internet tabs and offers, wondering about things to do in Split, and decided not to miss this beautiful place, only two and a half hours away from Split.

We would like to continue our series of texts about beautiful details in Plitvice Lakes with:


Eight lake on the list, is “Galovac Lake”, which is the eight highest lake in the whole lake system, located on the altitude of 582 meters above the sea level. It is one of the biggest lakes in Plitvice Lakes National Park, being the third largest, and it is covering the area of over 12.5 hectares!

Its maximum depth is 24 meters. Its maximum width is about 350 meters, while its total length is about 580 meters. This lake, also belongs to the group of Plitvice Upper Lakes.

Galovac is coming from a word “Gal”, which comes from a Croatian common suname “Gal or Galović”.

This beautiful lake has picturesque surroundings! It is fed by waters from three lakes, Batinovac, Vir and Malo Jezero, and you can see beautiful examples of specimens of dolomite rocks covered with low deciduous shrubs and trees.

This lake has several waterfalls belonging to it, such as “Prštavci” (you have “Veliki Pršavac” and “Mali Prštavac”) which really means Big and Small waterfall. Their length is about 200 meters. Also as every lake mentioned before, it is surrounded by barriers, fed by waters from Batinovac, Vir and Malo jezero. The biggest and highest waterfall belonging here is “Galovacki Buk”, waterfall high 16 meters and 5 meters wide. Shores of this lake are bordered by larch trees so waters are reflecting green, dark to light colours.

This area you can visit in different ways. Firstly, you have a lot of paths and wooden walkaways, but also you can choose a small train or bus line. If you choose a path that takes you to “Tomićev pogled”, you will enjoy a lovely scenic lookout of the Plitvice Lakes itself. The waters are continuing its path towards Milino Lake and Gradinsko Lake.

Galovac GPS Coordinates:

44.875805,15.606311 /44°52’32.9″N 15°36’22.7″E


“Milino jezero” (“Milino Lake”) is ninth lake in Plitvice Lakes we are talking about! It is located on altitude of 564 meters above the sea level. It is not that big, it covers just under one hectare of the total area, and its depth is only one meter in the central park. It is really small, but its total width is around 20 meters while its length is 40 meters. This lake is also a part of Plitvice Upper Lakes group!


This lake got its name after “Mile”, which is a common male first name in Croatia! Surrounding waterfalls are feeding this small lake. It is located in between Gradinsko Lake and Galovac Lake, and you can see low vegetation like reed, moss and others examples. Also, you can see numerous branches and fallen tree trunks scattered around the lake, while outside the path itself you can see it intersected with roots and other obstacles.

This lake offers you more yellow colours and reflections than any other lake in Plitvice Lakes, but also changes as the seasons change.

When you walk around “Milino Lake” you will pass by small patches of water, covered with reed and moss. Also you can choose a walking path on the southern side which connects two barriers, Kozjak along with Labudovac, and Prošćansko Lake.

GPS Coordinates of Milino jezero:

44.876969,15.608957 /44°52’37.1″N 15°36’32.2″E

This park is just one of things to do in Split, if you are wondering what else you can do, you can check our main website for more options.


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