Panoramic flight NP Krka -Plitvice Lakes – this is a trip you will talk about for a long time!
Visit the most famous locations in Croatia without crowds and worries, from a completely new perspective. In an intimate, safe environment.

panoramic flught krka plitvice
Let's fly away!

Panoramic flight NP Krka -Plitvice Lakes

Finally! You have chosen a great trip! An experience you will remember. And an experience that is different from all previous

This panoramic flight starts with the passage over Krka waterfalls and the beautiful monastery located on the small island of Visovac.

Then continues by flying over the slopes of the mountain of Velebit, from where we can enjoy the view of the beautiful Lika landscape.

There, we reach the trip’s climax – the flight above the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a unique pearl of nature and one of the ten most beautiful nature parks in the world.

60 minutes of pure pleasure
It's time to fly

Panoramic Flight NP Krka - Plitvice Lakes

3 planes, 1000 passengers every year, 5 emloyees.


To provide maximum efficiency and safety Split Air has also established its own maintenance organization. Therefore, we have today a certificate that guarantees maintenance is performed in accordance with strict European aviation safety agency rules.

Personnel involved in Maintenance activity are members of our team with more than 20 years of experience in similar work environments.

Maintenance activities are performed in our own hangar at Split airport, where we have all tools, equipment and spare parts available. In other words, not even a minor technical incident has been recorded during more than a decade of operations under our maintenance organization.


Split Air is a company you can rely on!

up to 3 person

the price - 720 €

meeting point – airport Piket Sinj
max number of passengers – 3
duration – 120 min
cruise speed – 255 km/h
languages – croatian, english