Visiting Plitvice Lakes From Split

Plitvice Lakes boat tour from Split

Dear followers of Plitvice lakes from Split, in the last blog post we have introduced you into details of each lake this beautiful Plitvice Lakes National Park is made of. We have mentioned and explained first three lakes, “Prošćansko lake”; “Ciginovac Lake” and “Okrugljak Lake”. If you missed it, make sure to check it out on the link:

Next lake we decided to cover is:

“BATINOVAC JEZERO” (“Batinovac Lake”)

Also commonly known as “Bakinovac”, tilted as the fourth highest lake in the whole lake system, is located on altitude of 610 meters above the sea level. If comparing it with other lakes in the National Park, it is one of the smallest lakes among others, covering only 1 hectare of area, with maximum depth of five meters in the middle of the lake. Total length of the lake is 140 meters and total width is 80 meters. As previous three lakes, it belongs to the group of Upper Lakes of Plitvice Lakes National Park!

Batinovac has a funny name background, because it got its name after a word “baka” and “Batinić”, and “baka” means “grandmother” while “Batinić” is a common surname in Croatia.

This lake has the waters from a lake above, Okrugljak, and by waters from a canal from Prošćansko lake. Surroundings of the lake itself are mesmerising, you can enjoy the view on tall beech trees, lovely paths where you explore smaller waterfalls, created by mosses, travertine and herbs while the shore of the lake is bordered by low vegetation and low barriers. When looking at the waters around the lake, you can see more steps of lovely colours, depending on the depth and the vegetation surrounding it, while reflections of the colours in the water change seasonally.

Plitvice lakes is such a beautiful place in which every lake is more beautiful than the previous! With any of our Plitvice Lakes from Split, you can join us and enjoy this beautiful national park in a day tour.

It is truly one-time experience to hear the constant sound of the water soothes hence on a clear and sunny day. Strolling around the Batinovac lake is very easy, by using wooden paths around the lake. You will pass by small patches of water covered in reed that grows inside the water. When you find yourself at the end of the lake, you will see part of its water flowing down by a waterfall to Galovac area, while the other part fights with low barriers and small cascades and goes into other lakes located north of it (aka Veliko Jezero).

Batinovac GPS Coordinates:

44.871741, 15.603172 /44°52’18.3″N 15°36’11.4″E

“VELIKO JEZERO” (“Lake Veliko”)

Commonly known as Jovinovac Veliki, meaning large Jovinovac, is on the fifth place of highest lakes in Plitvice Lakes National Park! It is located on the altitude of 607 meters above the sea level. Similar to Batinovac lake, it is one of the smallest lakes, covering the total area of just under two hectares with maximum depth of eight meters. Total width of the lake is under 45 meters, while its length is about 120 meters. This lake also belongs to group of Plitvice Upper Lakes.

Its name origin is also funny, word ”Veliko” is coming from “veliki” which means large, while “Jovan” is a common male name in Balkan area. Its waters come from Okrugljak lake.

Shore is bordered as the previous lake, with low barriers and low vegetation. Waters are spectacular in this lake, you will see turquoise to yellow colours, depending on its depth, season and surroundings. Nature, of course decides to play with colours depending on the season, so the lake waters reflect the colours of the surroundings.

It is easy to manage around the lake since it is pretty flat and surrounded by wooden paths and wooden walkways.  The end of the lake in its south-east part there is formation of a very low barrier where waters flow down into Batinovac, Vir and Malo Jezero.

Veliko Jezero GPS Coordinates:

44.873295,15.602166 /44°52’23.9″N 15°36’07.8″E

Both lakes will amaze you with their natural beauty. Whether you are taking our economy Plitvice Lakes from Split tour, or a guided one, you will for sure visit these two spots!