The tourism after COVID-19

This is not the first time that tourism is dealing with the crisis. The reaction would follow very quickly, falling demand. And that is the way it is now. National responses to the COVID-19 pandemic has been varied and has included containment measures such as lockdowns, quarantines. The consequence is a decline in international tourist arrivals in 2020.                Tourism is the economic activity most affected by the current situation, which does not leave indifferent any country, including Croatia. So far what experience illustrates us that tourism is recovering very quickly, fortunately. People just love to travel.
Tourism will surely recover soon. The only question remain to be answered is what tourism will be like after the lockdown. Will it be a return to the old behaviour pattern or there is happening another durable change?

The fact is that this current crisis is significantly different from other previous crises. First of all, it affected the whole world.

From evacuating citizens to closing borders, supporting the business world, countries adopted strict measures to tackle pandemic. This is an experience that is changing our recent behaviour. Our values, attitudes and lifestyles are changing. That is why we think that it will also affect the development of tourism.

People will distance themselves more socially which will affect the intolerance of crowded spaces. Preference will be given to the smaller, more intimate places or spacious, open places.

The emphasis on health security will be heightened. A higher level of sanitation is expected in the places we are planning to visit.
People have shown their humanity, empathy and creativity during this crisis. All this could stimulate interest in more emotional content in tourism, whether it is about a guided tour, gastronomic offer or the design of accommodation.
Thanks to technology, we have been able to keep our lives going on as long as it is possible. The breakthrough of technologies will continue, more pronounced than ever before. Not only in tourism but also in other industries.

The pandemic will leave a deep indelible mark on all of us. It will affect our values, our priorities, change aspects of our lives. Tourism will be different after this pandemic. It should be better.