One Day Tour To Plitvice – Why is everyone obsessed with Plitvice Lakes?

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Are you ready for Your One Day Tour to Plitvice? Not before you read this blog! Everyone is obsessed with Plitvice Lakes National Park! This is our oldest and largest national park and is currently the most visited. Find out why!

One day Tour to Plitvice

Why is everyone obsessed with Plitvice Lakes

Did you know that

Plitvice Lakes National Park is our oldest and largest national park and is currently the most visited.

In front of you is a wonderful One day tour to Plitvice! But first, find out why this place is so magical!

Although the name suggests that these are lakes (water surface) water surface covers only 1% of the parking area. It is the most attractive part of the park due to a series of travertine barriers over which water flows.

Plitvice Lakes became a national park in 1949, and since 1979 they have been on the UNESCO list of natural heritage.

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Unesco Story about Plitvice Lakes

A conceptual hydrogeological model of the Plitvice Lakes was the result of complex research in the framework of international cooperation. The mail institutions were the University of Zagreb and the Joanneum Research Institute in Graz.

The research identified completely new data about the genesis of the water system, the hydrogeological characteristics of the karst water catchment, the dynamics of the water, locations of water loss, the “hanging” position of Lake Kozjak concerning groundwater… 

Throughout the project were made 3022 measurements of different physicochemical parameters, 7885 of the chemical analysis of water, and 1082 analysis of stable isotopes.

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Magical, isn't it?
Legends about Plitvice Lakes – A Black Queen Story

There is a legend about the Black Queen (probably in several versions) that tells of a great drought in ancient times due to which the people began to die cattle, crops decay, and they also rotted. And so the people fell to their knees, all miserable, and began to beg the Black Queen for help, to give them rain.

And behold the miracles, the Black Queen appeared before her people, sad that she had to suffer and summoned the clouds and the rain that had been falling for days, until she filled the lakes with water. The story goes that the Queen cried. The tears shed from her right eye were black and created the Black River, and the white tears created the White River.

These two rivers exist today and are located above the Upper Lakes and flow into the Matica River, from which the first Lake Prošćansko, named after the people) was formed.

When the fear of the flood appeared, the people again called on the Black Queen for help. And the Black Queen appeared, the rain calmed down, the water stopped flowing.

Words of the Queen herself were:

“You are hardworking and good people. Preserve your shady groves, fertile valleys, and these beautiful lakes with lovely and silver streams flowing around. A lot of militaries will pass through this area and you will shed a lot of blood and tears. But I will come again and with my arrival, the sun of a better future will shine on you. Then your shady groves and beautiful valleys will not be neglected; then gentlemen from all over the world will come to visit your beautiful Plitvice Lakes. ”

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Peace and Serenity of Plitvice Lakes

Legends may not explain the formation of natural phenomena and the deposition of carbonates. But they stimulate the imagination and give stories about natural beauties a special charm.

Little Residents of the National Park – you might see them on One Day Tour to Plitvice

More than 1,200 plant species have been recorded in the park. There are many animals there. And while you’ll most often encounter insects, birds, and fish, the occasional lizard or snake, many of them will be out of sight.

Bears, wolves, and lynxes should be mentioned as the three largest mammals. And while the teddy bear will stray into the surrounding villages and remote parts of the park, the rest of the team is hard to see.

So far, 321 species of butterflies and 168 species of birds have been recorded on Plitvice Lakes. There is also a chance that you will meet one of the endangered animals from the beast family: a bear, a wolf, a lynx, or an otter. The richness of the animal world on Plitvice will be perhaps most interesting to children visitors. So take them to this fairytale forest.

On your One day Tour to Plitvice You can lead your pats like a cat or a dog, but it is obligatory to keep them on a leash.

Before and after entering the park

Before going to the park, the advice is to look at the official website of the Plitvice Lakes National Park and check for any information, and if you are already at the entrance to the park, enter the information office and ask the park staff what the situation is and whether all attractions are available. Although you come to them every day, with the same questions and they have always been accommodating and patient.

Plitvice lakes private tour


In the park, you walk, ride the train/bus, boat. So, plan the tour to see as much as you can and to use those means of transport that are available to you and are included in the ticket price (yes they are included). Of course, adjust everything to the available time.

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There are several places in the park where you can go to the toilet, for that reason it is rude that you even think about defecating in a strictly protected nature. Take the opportunity when you have it. The toilets are clean, tidy, always have paper and soap and you can find them every half hour to an hour of walk. Where? Entrance 1 and entrance 2, Kozjačka Draga (P3), first train station (St1), ship station P1, Labudovac (St3) – quite enough.

Your little friends


You can lead your pats like a cat or a dog on One day tour to Plitvice Lakes National Park, but it is obligatory to keep them on a leash.

What should not be done in the park

Unfortunately, many people won’t even look at what they should and shouldn’t do in the park. Despite that, that doesn’t diminish your responsibility because it all stands nicely indicated on your ticket.

In Plitvice Park, it is forbidden to pick and pluck plants (not to think of picking flowers!), Fishing and feeding fish, touching and disturbing animals, swimming/bathing of any kind, shouting, camping, lighting a fire, destroying nature in any form, walking outside, throwing garbage….

Talk to the children about this before leaving. Although many times they are much more aware than adults.

Agency for You

Why choose a touristic agency for his Tour?

You can come to the Park alone, by bus or car. But a million visitors in the season through tourist arrangements confirm that this is the optimal way.

The price will be similar, and you will have no worries about the transportation, tickets (have a discount too), guide and unanswered questions. The latter is perhaps the most important.

Before Booking our Plitvice Lakes Tour, think twice if you want to go on a private tour or a regular Tour. Where do you want to have lunch and maybe Book an immediate Tour with Lunch included on return to Split! If you ask us – this is the best offer.

Whatever you decide, get ready for a wonderful day on One day tour!