The best 5 Day Trips From Split (not so common)

day trip from split
Not so common

The best 5 day trips from Split

In this blog, we will try to make your decision easier – how to decide and book the best between 5 day trips from Split!


1.The Neretva Tour

Amazing one day tour on only 1.30 h from Split by highway.There are no strays in the Neretva Delta. You come either for the best breeding, surfing and kiting or for the most exotic atmosphere in Croatia. Or you come exactly where you’d rather not be invited in the first place because you don’t like the crowd.

The Neretva is more than a river, it is life or as it is called – ‘NERA ETVA‘ – God’s gift.

It flows through Croatia only 22 km, while across the border to the source, emerald green and deep, rapids and waterfalls in part and over 1000 m / nv, develops more than 200 km. Its energy can be seen along the entire route, especially in the gorges, but how powerful and powerful it really is, is best revealed from the mouth.The highway takes you directly to Ploče, so it is as far from the mainland as to go to any nearby island. Moreover, all local roads are fast and there are no traffic jams, so swimming is a real pleasure.

On the way to the estuary, which is about twenty kilometers away, you will pass Baćina lakes, which are reason enough for a separate trip. There you can find recreation in boats, kayaking and rowing, cycling, but also beautiful nature. Nothing pretentious, but certainly soothing and unspoiled with sweets. Enough for a pleasant day.

Neretva river and Metković town

The area from Metković to the mouth, which includes the Neretva Delta, has been under the protection of UNESCO since 1992 . Originally it consisted of 12 backwaters, and now it looks different because of the cultivation of the land, so the swamp lost eight backwaters and was converted into agricultural land.

It is good that when staying at the mouth of the Neretva, you do not have to give up the pleasures of the sea as the best “product” of our Adriatic. We offer a great one-day tour to the Neretva pearls, book it now and head south!

2. Krka Waterfalls & Šibenik Tour

If you haven’t already, check out why we have been the most famous in the most popular day trip from Split for 20 years – Krka Waterfalls.

With us you will do what is in the itinerary, but read on if you want to know what else you can do during your visit to this National Park.

It is also an option to start from romantic Skradin, either walking from the bridge (about 50 minutes) or by boat, which is included in the ticket price. The final prize is a magnificent view of Skradinski buk, but also a visit to the remains of the former Krka hydroelectric power plant, which was commissioned in 1895, just two days after Tesla on Niagara Falls.

Roški Waterfall is the second favorite tourist destination, and the road has been going over the waterfall since Roman times. The crowds are smaller than at Skradinski buk. If it is a walk, and it should be, it would include the climb to the Oziđana Cave, where the first traces of human life were found, and it is not bad to have a snack at the local inn.

day trip split krka
Krka Neverending Beauty

3. Međugorje& Mostar

The Catholic place of pilgrimage Međugorje is one of the most famous towns of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Međugorje is known for the apparitions of the Virgin Mary to six local children since 1981. Today it is the third most important apparition site in Europe, visited by more than one million people each year. For sure – one of the magnificant one day trip from Split you should consider.

Among the most important sights are the church Saint James, the hill Križevac and the Apparition Hill. The latter is a very special place, very peaceful. A pleasant walk up the hill offers fantastic views. You could spend the whole day up there enjoying the peace and quiet. The climb up Križevac is quite difficult, but worth the effort. There are many people who climb all the way up in their bare feet. This is a very quiet place where everyone prays in peace. You will have three hours to choose your own way to enjoy here.



This city was badly damaged in the last war in the 1990s and since then the city has been working hard to rebuild itself.

The main sights in Mostar are the Old Town of Mostar with the Old Bridge, Franciscan Church, the Old Mosque… The view on UNESCO side Old Bridge is so perfect, it is absolutely breathtaking. Take a look at the green Neretva River, whose color comes from the high copper content of the region. The Old Bridge was built by the Ottomans in the 16th century. Today it is popular not only with tourists but also with adrenaline junkies. Many people dive from the 24-meter high bridge to depths of only six meters every day.


The importance of the location of the microsite lies in the position of the river crossing and the natural features of its location. This relatively small settlement, with two towers around the bridge, historical sources date back to 1452. The present name Mostar, first mentioned in 1474, was named after the “mostars”, the guardians of the bridge.

4. Blue Lagoon & Trogir & 3 Islands Half Day Tour from Split

If you want to avoid the summer crowds and spend a relaxing and refreshing 5.5 hours on the beautiful Croatian coast, this tour is the right choice for you. During the boat ride, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Split and its surroundings. Meet our staff at our office 15 minutes before the departure time.

Visit three incredible locations in just one day trip from Split! Maybe, the most intense one.


On your first stop, take your time to explore the beautiful UNESCO protected Trogir with 4000 years old historical sites and monuments. Many small stone alleys and a beautiful sunny promenade will make it hard to decide what to visit in the given time. Lose yourself in the small stone alleys and feel the spirit of history.

Blue Lagoon

After a short ride on our speedboat, we arrive not far from the countryside, but far away from the city crowds and mainstream tourism, namely in the stunning Blue Lagoon in Croatia. You can spend your time swimming or snorkeling on small, hidden, pristine beaches and taking great photos.

Stomorska on the island of Šolta

Our next stop is the oldest settlement on this picturesque island of natural beauty. Stomorska is a small village with a long history of fishing families who usually sell their daily catch of fish right at the jetty in the village.


5. Boat trip at sunset

And last but not least – the best end of the day you can imagine – a sunset cruise near Split. But before we describe this beautiful cruise, let’s give you some ideas for day trips around Split. They will be a great overture as these are excursions near the city.

Salona Tour and Klis Fortress are placing close to Split – you can reach them in 10 minutes by car. The remains and ruins of the beautiful Salona, which are more than 2000 years old, will take your breath away. For a moment you will feel the breath of antiquity and the scents of the Mediterranean.

You can also visit the source of the river Cetina, penetrate a little into the interior of the Dalmatian hinterland. Sinj, Trilj, the source of the river Grave, and even Žrnovnica near Split. These are all great ideas for your ideal day in nature.

And then, after the ancient tour Klis- Salona or Trogir, relax on the boat!

If you want to know how to spend an unforgettable evening in Split, join our Sunset Cruise on yacht Polaris and enjoy Split Riviera from the seaside. Enjoy your time in a relaxed atmosphere, live music on the open deck, and an open bar with champagne, wine, beer, soft drinks without limit during the whole cruise.

Dance the night away with friends on board! Take brilliant photos of the city of Split, its landmarks or suburbs!

Enjoy the spectacular view of the Split skyline at sunset while dancing to the latest hits from our professional live music and sipping a soft drink from our full-service bar on board.

It’s the best value and the best way to spend an unforgettable evening. We guarantee you will come back again and again. The best part is you can do it again tomorrow!


Whatever day trip from Split you decide to book, be sure this sunset option is the best end of them!