Tips For Profesional Pictures Of Plitvice Lakes

Amazink plitvice lakes tour from Split

You planned to visit Plitvice Lakes National Park and you are now wondering where to take the best pictures of the Plitvice lakes? We will help you with the instructions!

You want to take a mesmerising picture like this, and you are wondering will you make it?

Staff in the National park can help you a lot on the spot. You will, during the excursion, cover the whole Plitvice Lakes National Park area, so nothing will be missed.

Firstly, you can make a preparation, sum up a few pictures so we can guide you on the map where exactly those places are. Also, while on a guided tour, our guide stops and allows you enough time to capture the moment.

There is a main look out spot, and it is called “Veliki slap”. There are no signs directing you there, but the route takes you there. And when you see it, you will understand why is it most commonly posted! Firstly, you can visit it from Plitvice lakes Entrance 2, once you come downstairs at the river, boat will take you to the other side. When you come to the other side, just follow the marked path upstairs. Those are upper lakes and they are stunning.

If you are with your own can, you can easily mark down “Veliki slap” on your Google Maps and it will take you there.

When you decide to move forward, pass by the “Veliki slap”, and follow the stairs which are located on the right side of the waterfall, follow the road for about 10 minutes, until the asphalt road comes up. Take the first right turning and walk straight for 3 minutes, pass the wooden bridge, turn right after it and it is in front of you!


OUR TIP: Plitvice Lakes National Park area is spread over 296.85 km2. It has total of 16 lakes, more than 90 waterfalls, numerous caves, caverns, and large area of forest. Lakes are divided in two groups, so you can plan your trip. You have 12 Upper Lakes and 4 Lower lakes. Note that Upper Lakes are quite bigger than Lower Lakes. You CAN get around the park by walking, but you will be extremely tired. As we said in previous blog, transfers are inclusive of your entry ticket you can move from one spot to another by ferries, trains and buses. As you can see on the picture above, this is a map of the lakes. You have four suggested routes, this is the first one. We know your time is precious, do not be afraid of the lines because the park transfers are perfectly organised.