National Parks of Croatia – a peace for heart and the mind!

National Parks Croatia

Small country, but rich in natural beauty! The natural parks of Croatia are the perfect places to spend your vacation. Find some interesting facts about each of them.

8 National prides

National Parks of Croatia – a peace for heart and the mind!

Small country, but rich in natural beauty! The natural parks of Croatia are the perfect places to spend your vacation in. Therefore, find some interesting facts about each of them.

Croatia has 8 stunning National Parks and 11 Parks of Nature with unspoiled nature. Not to mention many rivers, lakes, bays, islands, and mountains that are still waiting to get the status of the protected area.

List of National Parks of Croatia.

With 9% of its territory classified as protected natural sites, the National Parks of Croatia are a great place for nature lovers and outdoor aficionados. After all, we believe there is one of those in each one of us!

National Parks of Croatia
There are 8 National Parks in Croatia

National Parks by the Sea

In the first line, it would be ok to know National Parks of Croatia are not so like as National Parks of The World. Well, they are usually smaller areas if you compare it for instance with the National Park in Canada or Norway. Of 8 National Parks, 3 of them are situated by the sea – in other words, on the islands.

From the North to The South – Brijuni (near Pula Town), Kornati ( near Zadar Town ), and Mljet ( near Dubrovnik Town). However, all of these National parks you can explore by Luxury Charter and arrange your own time and schedule as you love.


Once as a part f Istrian Peninsula, today as something incredible and powerful little islands. Powerful because in that peaceful ambiance full of flora and fauna, colors, and odors, you can feel the true energy of nature. The frequency of positive vibes. Something you can’t find and feel on other places and islands around. Let’s write down maybe the best lines about Brijuni ever, and you will know what are we talking about here.

Brijuni NAtional PArk



“There is no other place with so much holm oak and bay laurel in one single place or so much shade under the crowns of trees up to twenty meters wide. Brijuni are a wonderful image of nature cultivated by man, intending to provide the most pleasant stay possible in the splendor of green vegetation, remarkably cultivated landscape, and scent and vicinity of the sea.”

 As shown above, Brijuni National Park has been and remains synonymous with the enjoyment, rebirth of ourselves. If you are visiting The North of Croatia, Istria, don’t miss this place!

Kornati National park

Paradise at the sea! Or should we say – a Nature’s wonder! The islands became a national park in 1980 due to the exceptional beauty of the landscape, the interesting geomorphology, and the jagged coastline.  Furthermore, the amazing eco-system found beneath the surface of the water isn’t less interesting and amazing.

Additionally, This oasis of the peaceful islands is famous worldwide for Nautical tourism, and a dream for any scuba diver! Sooner or later, if you love the sea, pure nature, Mediterranean and kind of isolation, you will say – Let’s go to KORNATI!  If you have the option to rent a sailing boat from Split (with or without a skipper) that would be the best way to reach this National Park. 

National park Kornati islands
Kornati islands – is a group of 89 islands, with approximately 40 days per year when the temperature reaches at least 30⁰C! 25 restaurants and taverns within the park that serve Kornati and Dalmatian specialties consisting mainly of fish, seafood, and very popular Kornati lamb. Once you reach the island, you can walk on all sites, where ever you want, hike to the top to enjoy the view all around 360 degrees!

As a result of the clean and peaceful position, the resident dolphin population consists of approximately 147 individuals.  They can typically be seen at the sound end of the park and are a favorite among visitors, especially kids 😊

And as shown above, it is a completely green National Park! There is no running water or electricity, and it is open all year long. To Sum Up, place to visit!

National parks croatia Velebit
3. Mljet – The southeast National Park in Croatia

This natural gem in Dubrovnik Archipelago is worth traveling all down to the South of Croatia. In this National park in Croatia, you will find the most pristine forests, two unique saltwater lakes, and numerous cliffs, coves, and lovely small islands.

Mljet is 8th by size island in Croatia

was founded on 11 November 1960 as a National Park. The entire surface area of the park is extremely rich with life! Numerous endemic and endangered species are a testament to the importance of protecting them. The Mljet NP will not disappoint the fans of cultural heritage either, thanks to its numerous archaeological finds.

The Benedictine monastery is located at one of the most beautiful locations in these areas, on the island of St. Mary on Big Lake.  For this reason is the most visited location of the National Park.

Since We’re talking here about one of the most beautiful National Park, we have a great idea for you!  One day trip to Mljet NP from Split


Continental National parks  in Croatia

One mountain and two National Parks – VELEBIT Mountain!

4. & 5. Paklenica & North Velebit

Within UNESCO’s program (MAB) the Velebit Mountain was included in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves in 1978. Three years later the entire Velebit area was designated a nature park. Within it, there are two national parks– the Paklenica National Park in the south (designated in 1949), and the Northern Velebit National Park in the north (designated half a century later).


Vaganski vrh, 1,757 m high, is the highest peak of Velebit. The relative height of Velebit is on average 400-500m. It is located on the southeastern part of the mountain and belongs to the peaks of Southern Velebit, near the peaks of Badanj, Malovan, and Sveto brdo (Holly Hill). It’s necessary to have suitable sturdy shoes because this is a big mountain and the hiking trails and paths are truly narrow and sometimes dangerous if you have for example slippers ( yes, every year we have those examples of visitors!)

This area is very popular because you start from the sea ( near Zadar) and you have to choose between so many ways to get to the top. There are enough mountain lodges where you can sleepover and get some strength to continue.

North Velebit

Northern Velebit National Park encompasses several areas protected: Hajdučki i Rožanski Kukovi, strict reserve, the Visibaba botanical reserve – home to the endemic species Croatian Siberia, and the Zavižan-Balinovac-Velika Kosa botanical reserve which houses the well-known Velebit Botanical Garden, which has been listed as a monument of landscape architecture.

A place to visit! For a good and quality time, you will need at least 5 days for Velebit! And much more to planning. Respect nature!

Velebit park national
A view from The Velebit mountain
6. Plitvice Lakes

Nested in the mountainous Lika region, just two hours from Split and Zagreb – National Park Plitvice  Lakes is, along with Dubrovnik, the single most visited site in Croatia. The lakes became a protected national park back in 1949, and since 1979 the place is also listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has 16 lakes and it’s open all year long.

If you ask locals, we just can’t say are Plitvice more beautiful in Summer or Winter. During summer – freshness, and richness of colors. In winter – a true frozen fairytale! Plitvice lakes tickets you can find at the entrance, and you have plenty of Tours from Split to discover this Park. Check the tour with a meal included in Split, so you don’t have any worry!

7. Krka Waterfalls 

All about this magnificent National Park of Croatia you can find on our website For Krka tour from Split. Krka is the closest National Park to Split, therefore most agencies offer Krka tours. You can explore Krka Park by boat from Skradina Town or by walk from the entrance of the Park. Whatever you choose, be sure this could be the day to remember your vacation in Dalmatia.

The famous Spots!

 If Krka’s many waterfalls aren’t quite on the average visitors’ radar yet, they soon will be. They include Sradinski Buk, beloved among Croatians for its 17 cascades of different heights emptying into an emerald pool perfect for swimming, and the smaller, more tranquil Roški Slap waterfall.


The park’s official brochure outlines ten different itineraries. You can go hiking, biking, boating, and driving. Check it all and go for it!

8. Risnjak

Meanwhile, The Risnjak mountain massif consists of several mountain peaks and is one of the most beautiful Croatian mountains. The richness of flora and fauna is visible at every step. The mountain is named after the lynx – bobcat, which inhabits its forests.


Riusnjak National PArk


The park’s varied climatic influences – the sea from the south-west, the Dinaric mountains from the south-east, the continent from the north-east, and the Alps from the north-west – have enabled over 4,000 plant species to prosper.

Animal World

Accompanying these are over a hundred brown bears, lynx (“ris” in Croatian and after which the park is named), wolves, wild cats, wild boar, deer, and chamois, as well as 500 species of butterfly. There are plenty of chances for camping. too.

NAtional PArk Risnjak Lodge
One of the popular Lodge in Risnjak NP
No matter to which National Park you go...

Enjoy Your Stay! As much as you can!